Saturday, June 21, 2008

31. A few XP Registry Settings that help improve batterylife. (for notebook)

By: tebore from NotebookReview

Under KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager

Create a new key called Throttle. (If you've applied the tweak for dual core you'll already have the Throttle key.

Inside the Throttle key add these dword decimal values:

PerfIncreasePercentModifier - 70. This tells the OS at which load level to up the P-state to a higher one. Default is 20 which IMHO is a bit low. MS went save to avoid hiccups, but today with the CD or C2D it's powerful enough and has enough cache to avoid hiccups.

PerfDecreaseMinimumTime - 150000 (150ms) this tells the OS how much time to stay in the current P-State after hitting the drop down percentage before it can drop back down. Default is 500ms. Why state in any P-State longer than you have to? Even if it is half a second.

I got these from a Whitesheet. You may Google "Windows Native Processor Performance Control" and it'll bring it up.

You can play with the values but I've tested these and they help keep power usage down with out affecting performance noticably.

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