Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Table of Contents **UPDATED 05/24/11**

Please Note: Not all of the information on this site is thought up by me. I have compiled it from knowledge I know, bits and pieces from many different sites on the internet, articles I have read in magazines and newspapers, and other information I have heard about from other people and have found out to be accurate. I have also added my own opinions which are considered useful by many people.

Here is the Table of Contents of my FAQ. Hope this helps everyone!
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**UPDATED: 5/24/11**

54. ViciousXUSMC's Ultimate Encoding Guide

1. Company Overviews
2. Everything You Need To Know About Processors
3. Intel Pentium-M processor speeds
4. Dual-Core, 64-bit, and Hyperthreading
5. 64-Bit and Dual Core Mobile Processors Guide
6. Microsoft Windows XP Editions and Costs
7. Microsoft Windows Vista Editions and Costs
8. Windows Vista Capable and Premium Ready PCs
9. Graphics Card Comparison Chart
10. All about GPUs (A.K.A. Graphics Processing Unit)
11. The Simplified Wireless Networking Guide
12. In Depth Wireless Internet and Network Guide
13. Wireless Router Guide
14. Desktop PC, Notebook PC, or Tablet PC?
15. What To Upgrade On My Computer
16. Notebook Memory (RAM) Guide
17. Notebook Screen Guide
18. Do-It-Yourself: Making An External Hard Drive Guide
19. LCD Resolutions and Ratios (Part 1)
20. Boot Camp or Parallels Guide to Running Windows on an Apple MacIntel
21. Windows XP Installation Guide
22. Windows Vista: The Best Case for Windows XP Ever
23. LCD Resolutions and Ratios (Part 2)
24. Notebook and PC Partitioning Guide
25. How To Clean Your PC
26. Disable Hybrid Sleep Mode in Windows Vista (a.k.a. Fix Sleep Mode in Windows Vista)
27. Best Anti-Viruses and Spyware Protection
28. Where's All My Disk Space Going? (Vista)
29. Do-It-Yourself: Solid State Disk (SSD) Guide
30. Virus Information Guide
31. A few XP Registry Settings that help improve battery life. (for notebook)
32. How It Works: Your Guide to Notebook Technology
33. Notebook Travel Guide
34. Guide to New Laptop Inspection...and Beyond!
35. Computer Optimization Guide
36. Guide to Polishing Your Scratched Glossy Notebook
37. How To Stream Video From Your Laptop To Your TV
38. How it Works: Graphics Hardware
39. How It Works: Hard Disks
40. DIY Notebook Screen Replacement
41. How It Works: Screens
42. How It Works: Batteries
43. How It Works: Optical Drives
44. Guide: How to Delete Hidden Recovery Partition on Vista
45. Clean Install Guide (works for 32-bit or 64-bi
46. Netbook Buyers Guide
47. NotebookReview.com Guide To Buying A Notebook Online
48. Gamers Graphics Tuning Guide
49. Windows Vista Backup & Restore Center Review
50. Windows PC Optimization Guide Part 1
51. Windows PC Optimization Guide Part 2
52. Windows PC Optimization Guide Part 3
53. Internet Safety Guide: How to Protect Yourself Online
54. ViciousXUSMC's Ultimate Encoding Guide
Some FAQ's


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I've installed the Vista Beta (called Longhorn) on a Virtual PC that
emulates a 32 bit Pentium Processor. A 64-bit processor will NOT be
required to run Vista.

The Vista preview does come in two flavors. If you have a 64 bit
processor, you have to install the 64 bit version.

You're right about the RAM requirements. I wasn't able to install Vista
on a system with only 256 MB of RAM, but I could "run" (although
glacially slow) with 384 MB of RAM. I wouldn't install it on anything
less than 512 MB of RAM.

The graphics card emulated by Virtual PC is a pathetic Trio S3. You
have to turn off ALL of the special effects to get Vista to run with
acceptable performance.

About 10GB of free space wouldn't be a bad idea. I was able to install
and run with only 8GB of space. Vista does require the use of an NTFS
file system.

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